Spirit of the Ancestors

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Listen to a sample track (Click on picture for Track 5). 

Ride the plains with song writer and musician Theresa Matthew as she takes you on a sacred journey inspired by the ancestors of the native American Indian. 10 Tracks.



Sample track 'My message is peace' (Click on picture for track 1).

The beautiful voice of Theresa Matthew echoes from deep within her Soul reaching out in purest love like a breath of peace. 8 Tracks.



Soaring with the Eagle

Sample track 'Soaring with the Eagle' (Click on picture for track 1).

Sample Track 'Soaring with the Eagle' > click here for track 10

Carried on the wings of an Eagle, this powerful energy lifts the listener to new heights of spiritual awareness. 13 Tracks.


The Sacred Path

Sample Track 'The Sacred Path' (Click on picture for track 9).

From the mystical world of the spirit, this CD engages the listener in experiencing the ritual and magic of the native American Indian spiritual way of life. 12 Tracks.


Voices That Carry

Sample Track Sacred Heart of my People TRACK 11 > Click here for track 11

Sample Track I am Voices that Carry track 16 > Click here for Track 16

Theresa Matthew's latest release, opens new doors into a time of wonder, as the listener is taken into the world of the native Indian. The drums are sounding, the fire is burning, across the plains are voices that carry as the tribe dances in the circle of sacred light. 16 Tracks.


New Dawn Rising

Sample Track  One Love  Track 6  > Click here for Track 6

Sample Track We Can Gather Track 10 > Click here for Track 10

Sample Track Blessed Be  Track 15  > Click here for Track 15

Radiant Heart Transformational Healing Music

Sample Track Archangel Mantra Track 2  > Click here for Track 2

Sample Track The love you Give  Track 3  > Click here for Track 3

White Buffalo Spirit

Sample Track  I'm Flying without Wings Track 1  > Click here for Track 1

Sample Track  White Buffalo  Track 8  > Click here for Track 8


Sample Track Dream Awake Track 1 > Click here for Track 1

Sample Track Follow Me Track 2 > Click here for Track 2

Spirit of the Plains

Sample Track O Weya Waaheya Track 1 > Click to Play

Sample Track  White Horse Running Track 3 > Click to Play

Sample Track The Four Winds Blow Track 7 > Click to Play

Unite the Tribes

Sample Track Unite the Tribes Track 1  > Click to Play

The Best of Theresa Matthew

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The success over the many years of Theresa Matthew's remarkable collection of songs and music has now been turned into a single CD the best of Theresa Matthew White Buffalo woman. It contains a variety both of Native Indian, Devotional, Celtic, Spiritual Folk and more sacred songs. This powerful album is a good example of the extent of the 12 CDs that has made Theresa Matthew popular and is one of the best ways to fully appreciate this wonderful music library

Journey Into Shambala

Angelic harmonies, flute with nature sounds and Tibetan singing bowl bring inner peace and take you on a journey into the higher dimensions of light

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