The drums are sounding and you are invited
to take your place in the circle.

☆ Rising healing energies to send into the earth grids (leylines)
☆ Trance dance freestyle dance
☆ Tribal Circle Dance
☆ Drum journey meditation
☆ Songs of the Spirit Council of 21 Chiefs
☆ Talking stick sharing
☆ Teachings and sharing from Spirit

£15. Conc. £12

Please wear loose comfortable clothing
Bring bottle of water and some nibbles to share.

Monthly Gatherings
at 2pm till 5pm
Rear of 37 high street
West Malling Kent
ME19 6QH

Autumn Equinox Celebration

Sunday, 23rd Sepember 2018 at 2pm

Please contact Theresa WhiteBuffaloWoman on 01622 817136 for further details or email